Visuomotoric training and reaction speed

Do you know what your reaction speed is? How do you improve it - or make sure, that it does not compromise your play?

Visuomotoric skill training is a golden standard in elite sports, and most world-class athletes use such training modalities on a regular basis. This type of training is fun, while it aims to push your nervous and sensory system to the limit. If you want to learn more of how this could explode your athletic potential, drop a note.

Visuomotoric training needs are determined individually, to allow specific skill improvement. This data is from world-class male athletes (Group1, healthy athletes; n=22. Group2, athletes with visual problems; n=18).

Reaction speed is shorter in world-class elite athletes (Group 2, 15 male athletes) than in national elite-level athletes (Group 1, 15 male
athletes). All athletes improved their reaction speed by specific